Nikhil Mehta

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Nikhil Mehta

Chief of the Board

Current Role:

Chief of the Board, Indian Dental Technician Association (IDTA)


  • A passionate and experienced dental technician with 12 years in the field.

  • Extensive experience in prosthetic and implant dentistry.

  • Proven track record of Mention achievements – leading successful labs, mentoring technicians, contributing to industry advancements.

Leadership in IDTA:

  • Devoted to elevating the profession of dental technology in India.

  • Championing continuous education and skill development for IDTA members.

  • Leading initiatives to Mention specific goals – promote ethical practices, advocate for technician rights, bridge the gap between technicians and dentists.

Additional Information:

  • Actively involved in the dental community through [Mention affiliations – e.g., workshops, conferences, publications].

  • Committed to fostering collaboration between dental technicians across India.

  • Believes in the power of dental technology to transform smiles and improve oral health.