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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the cornerstone of lifelong learning and advancement in the dental profession. At the Indian Dental Technician Association (IDTA), we recognize the pivotal role that CPD plays in nurturing the skills, knowledge, and expertise of dental technicians and laboratory owners.

Our comprehensive CPD education program is designed to empower professionals like you to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

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Flexible Learning Approach

CPD encompasses a wide range of learning activities, catering to diverse preferences and learning styles. It can involve either formal and structured learning, such as attending workshops, conferences, and courses, or informal and self-directed learning, including reading journals, online research, and peer discussions. At IDTA, we offer a flexible learning approach that accommodates both formal and informal CPD activities, enabling you to tailor your professional development journey according to your specific needs and interests.

Verifiable CPD Approval

Verifiable CPD provides assurance of quality and relevance, ensuring that professionals engage in meaningful learning experiences that contribute to their professional growth. IDTA approves CPD programs that meet rigorous standards and guidelines, ensuring that participants receive valuable insights and knowledge from reputable sources. When you participate in a verifiable CPD program approved by IDTA, you can trust that you are investing in high-quality education that aligns with industry best practices and standards.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

IDTA offers a wide range of educational resources and opportunities to support your CPD journey. From annual conventions and hands-on workshops to lectures and online learning sessions, we provide access to the latest advancements, techniques, and best practices in dental technology and practice management. Our educational events are led by leading experts and thought leaders in the field, providing you with invaluable insights and practical skills to enhance your professional expertise.

Choosing Your CPD Courses

When selecting CPD courses, it’s essential to choose programs that align with your professional goals and interests. IDTA-approved CPD courses cover a diverse range of topics, including clinical skills, technological advancements, business management, and patient care. We partner with reputable providers and organizations to offer a curated selection of CPD courses that meet our strict criteria for quality and relevance. Before enrolling in any CPD course, ensure that it has been approved by IDTA and that it aligns with your professional development objectives.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon completion of a verifiable CPD program approved by IDTA, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance, documenting their participation and confirming their commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. The certificate includes a CPD number, providing tangible evidence of your engagement in approved CPD activities.

Join the IDTA CPD Community

Joining the IDTA CPD community offers you access to a wealth of educational resources, networking opportunities, and professional support. Whether you’re a seasoned dental technician or a laboratory owner looking to expand your skills and knowledge, IDTA is your trusted partner in professional development. Join us today and embark on a journey of continuous learning, growth, and excellence in dental technology and practice.


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